Wire Cloth

Four types of wire cloth are available from Perforated Metals Plus – mesh, welded wire, space cloth, and PVC-coated wire cloth. They differ from one another by the way they are manufactured, the diameter of the wire, and the size of the opening they provide. The specifications for each type are shown below. Most items are available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized and Aluminum. Additional sizes and material types may be available upon request.

Mesh can be expressed either as the lineal distance from the center of one wire to the center of the next wire in inches (ex. 3/4” mesh) or as the number of openings per lineal inch (ex. 1 mesh). When specifying mesh, please consider these measurement differences and accurately specify the size you desire to avoid any errors in quoting and fulfilling your order. To the left is an example of 1/2” mesh or what is more commonly referred to as 2 mesh.

For the best protection against the elements, consider PVC-coated wire cloth. Galvanized welded wire encased in PVC plastic is extremely corrosion resistant. Various openings in a variety of thicknesses and roll widths are stocked. Additional sizes are available upon request.

When Ordering Wire Cloth, Specify The Following:

  1. Product Opening/Centers & Type (ex. 10 mesh, 2” Welded Wire, 3” Space Cloth or 2“x1” PVC-Coated)
  2. Wire Diameter (ex. .080”, .250”, etc.)
  3. Weave or Crimp Type (ex. Twilled Weave, Lock Crimp, etc.)
  4. Material Type (stainless steel-304, etc.)
  5. Roll (Mesh and PVC-Coated only) or Sheet Size (ex. 48“x100’, 48“x96’)
  6. Quantity (ex. 5 Sheets, 10 Rolls)

Varieties We Offer

Most items available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized and Aluminum. Plain weave is supplied unless otherwise specified.


Lock Crimp

Plain Weave

Welded Wire

Wire Cloth Stock List

Our wire cloth stock list is ever changing. To request a current stock list please contact us.