Bar Grating

Welded bar grating type 19-W-4* is stocked in four bearing bar dimensions, three material types, and two surface types – each of which meet or exceed NAAMM (National Association of Architectural Metals Manufactures) tolerances. Additional bearing bar dimensions, styles, & finishes are available upon request.

*The 19 represents the spacing between the bearing bars – 19/16” or 1 3/16” center to center. The 4 represents 4” spacing between the cross rods.

When Ordering Bar Grating, Specify The Following:

  1. Size of Bearing Bars (i.e. 1“x1/8”, etc.)
  2. Type of Material (i.e. Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, etc.)
  3. Type of Grating (i.e. Welded, Pressure Locked, etc.)
  4. Type of Surface (Smooth or Serrated)
  5. Finish (i.e paint or galvanized), if any
  6. Panel Size
  7. Quantity
  8. Span or Length (direction of bearing bars)
  9. Banding Requirements, if any
  10. Type of Nosing (Stair Treads Only)

Varieties We Offer

Grating is manufactured in 2’ and 3’ widths and 20’ and 24’ lengths. The 3’ wide panel is the most common stocked width. Items can be supplied cut-to-size, banded, galvanized (carbon steel only), and/or painted 1 shop coat black (strictly primer not a rust inhibitor).

Other Grating Products In-Stock:

STAIR TREADS – Includes grating, nosing (“checkered plate” supplied unless “abrasive” specified), & end plates.

ANCHOR DEVICES – Saddle clips & screws.

HEAVY WELD – Bar Grating Thickness of 1/4, 3/8, & 1/2.




Pressure Locked



Bar Grating Stock List

Our bar grating list is ever changing. To request a current stock list please contact us.