Expanded Metal

Various styles of standard and flattened expanded metal are stocked in a variety of material types. Dimensions for each style are listed below. In addition to flattened and standard expanded metal, expanded grating is also stocked. Expanded metal not shown can be special ordered. Load table information is also available upon request.

When Ordering Expanded Metal, Specify The Following:

  1. Material Type (ex. Carbon)
  2. Style (ex. 1/2 # 18 Flat )
  3. Sheet size (ex. 3’x7’)
  4. Shearing (Random or Bond)
  5. Finish (ex. Painted)
  6. Quantity (ex. 10pcs.)

Varieties We Offer

The images below show the difference between standard and flattened expanded metal in four different sizes stocked by Perforated Metals Plus. Each size is available in a variety of material types and thicknesses which, along with the weight, dimensions, and percent open area for each style, can be found below.

SWD – Short Way of Diamond
LWD – Long Way of Diamond
SWO – Short Way of Opening
LWO – Long Way of Opening
Strand Width – Span (Top View) | Strand Thickness – Gauge (Side View)

Sheets are stocked in standard sizes – metal typically being 4’x8’ and grating 8’x4’. (The long way of the opening runs parallel to the second number.) If cut to size, sheets are supplied random sheared unless bond sheared is specified.

Standard 1/2″

Standard 1/4″

Standard 3/4″

Standard 1-1/4″

Flattened 1/2″

Flattened 1/4″

Flattened 3/4″

Flattened 1-1/4″

Expanded Metal Stock List

Our expanded stock list is ever changing. To request a current stock list please contact us.